INYA: A Short Film

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It all started when...

In the fall quarter of 2015, my Masters class was given the task of creating a short film. Inspired by her own real life experiences, my friend Katie Matthews pitched a story about an elderly woman who suffers from compulsive hoarding, who one night accidentally comes across a baby and decides to keep the child. Intrigued by the concept, I signed on immediately to co-produce with Katie, and when asked by Katie if I could also direct, I couldn't refuse the opportunity. Katie then adapted a feature length screenplay she had previously wrote to be a short twelve minute film.

To prepare for the film, I consumed every article and book I could get my hands on about hoarding. I dissected the psychology behind compulsive hoarding and analyzed the many different types. For the film, we rented a house in San Diego and  within six hours (on a tight schedule) we filled the living room, kitchen, and dining room with stuff. During the filming, Katie (the writer), Susie (the 1st AD), Anne (the costume designer), and I actually stayed in the extra rooms of the house (the only places not covered in items).

It certainly wasn't easy shoot. We had a bunch of people, along with all our equipment, in a small house that was full of stuff, and it was 90 degrees outside (and probably hotter inside the house). Both my DP Chris Bongato and I suffered heat exhaustion and nearly passed out on different days. But our crew was incredible, and thanks to their hard work, we were able to finish to shoot on schedule.

After months of hard work, we have a beautiful short film, starring the lovely Deborah Marsh as Inya. Come the start 2017, we will be submitting the film to a variety of film festivals throughout the year.

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